are you ready to feel freedom from shame?


Past Present Peaceful

A 10 Week Journey to heal your inner child and reclaim your personal power. 

You have wounds from your childhood that  impact your well being today. 

You "push through" your anxiety on a daily basis, but it's beginning to wear you down. 

You feel at war with your own thoughts.

You're tired of explaining yourself to everyone & feel like no one "gets you."

You cringe at the advice: "Calm down" and "You'll be fine."

You feel a sense of shame when thinking about your childhood or teen years.

You convince yourself you're not worthy of feeling at peace.

You're feeling alone on the journey and crave connection. 

You know you're meant for something bigger.

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You deserve to feel peaceful and FREE.

Have you accepted anxiety as the "norm" of your day to day life? Are you the QUEEN of self sabotage and negative self talk? Do you know what it's like to truly feel nurtured?

You don't have to struggle anymore

Asking for help is HARD AF! I used to struggle with chronic anxiety. There were days that I lost count of how many panic attacks I had. I couldn't sleep. I lived in a fog of medication and hopelessness, accepting anxiety as my new normal. 

I found myself in and out of waiting rooms, being just another checked box on an evaluation. No compassion. No validation. Prescription. Co-pay. Bye Felicia. 

I was dying to be seen, heard and supported. I was tired of explaining myself and hiding from social situations because I was too damn anxious. So I took a deep dive into my spiritual practices and uncovered something I had been avoiding in my healing. 

There was a version of myself that learned a long time ago that I was an inconvenience. A burden. Crying wouldn't get me anywhere - so just push through. I noticed these feelings of unworthiness were seeping into everything. 

I realized the pain I encountered in my adolescence was still residing in my energy and physical body. The release I felt in healing that wounded 9 year old had a lasting and incredible impact on my current self. 

vulnerability is the new strength

Are you ready to hold hands with your younger self and FINALLY set yourself free from those played out fear stories you keep repeating to yourself? Are you ready to feel nurtured, seen and VALIDATED in releasing your pain?

Over the next 10 weeks we will explore what it is to heal your inner child and release your childhood wounds. Using a combination of Reiki, Crystal Healing, Sound Healing, OMwork, Oracle card reading & support - we'll unpack your baggage and lighten the load TOGETHER. 

What's Included??

10 60 min Reiki Sessions (Distance Available)

45 Minute Check In Calls At the 1st, 5th & 10th Appointment

A luxurious crystal intuitively picked to support your self healing

A handmade Anxiety Warrior Essential Oil Blend infused with Reiki

A complete Goddess Card Oracle Reading to set the intention for our work together

Personalized Journal Prompts, Guided Meditation & "OMwork" to support your journey


I don't think words like amazing, remarkable, outstanding -- I could just type all the synonyms for wonderful, really! -- are enough to truly capture the depth and scope of Carly and her skill as a Reiki Master. She is the real deal!! I just finished up my (second) long distance reiki session with her and I am blown away by how accurate her reading was. She immediately picked up on the energetic blocks I am working through and helped ease the tension building up in those chakras. The same time she was working on my root chakra, I felt a warmth gather up through my legs like they were wrapped in a comforting blanket. It was the most extraordinary sense of calm and contentment I've felt in a long time! The messages Carly channeled for me were spot on too, and she delivered them with compassion, grace, and humor. To wrap up our session she gave me practical, actionable advice on steps I can take in working with my energy going forward -- which I greatly appreciate!

Carly is an incredible intuitive healer and guide, and I highly, highly recommend her long distance reiki healing sessions!

Hannah T., Virgina


This weekend I got my Reiki 1 certification with Carly and she was amazing. Not only is she the sweetest person ever, she is patient, is super passionate about teaching others andddd tailored the class to us <3
She was also channeling messages left and right during the course which was super cool AND the guided meditations restored my energy and gave me life. What can I say, I loved the experience! She makes you feel like a superhero and like you can conquer the world. 
Seriously, if you are considering working with her... WHATCHA WAITIN FOR?!

Renata C.; San Diego


I finished a goddess reading with Carly and it has seriously changed my entire thought! She has given me so much insight of my thoughts and feelings but it was more than that, she didn't just tell me how I feel but WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT!!! I am so so happy I did a reading with her!

Kara M; San Diego