The road to enlightenment is not paved in $90 yoga pants

Well Warriors, I've been doing a lot of soul searching lately and really delving into my own personal practice. I've taken a step back from teaching and promoting Electric Warrior Yoga to really reevaluate what is important to me and how I can become a better student to further inspire my own students. Thank you for your patience during this time of reflection. 

What have I learned? You may ask. Well, I've noticed a trend in yoga lately, and that's the trend of it all. There's no question that yoga is a multi-million dollar industry with a burgeoning market. Look good feel good, right? Well to look good you have to buy these pants and this mat and those shirts and don't forget being super fit to feel great in any of those items. Which is great, I myself am guilty of indulging in the crazy pants trend and treating myself to a new yoga outfit or two when I've hit a goal in my own personal practice. But what does this message say to the new students and would be practitioners? It is intimidating enough to come to a studio for the first time and step on the mat without the added pressure of, am I wearing the right pants? Do I look like a yogi? 

The truth is, those $90 pants won't make your practice any better. You won't hit a handstand or go more deeper into your crescent lunge because you're wearing them. Your practice will be just as strong if you are wearing $20 sweats (trust me I know). The real way to deepen your practice, is to start. Show up. Be kind to yourself and take yoga! This is the message I want to cultivate within Electric Warrior Yoga. Show up by starting. Begin to practice as a way to make your life better and the rest will fall into place. 

As I continue on this journey of self-discovery and yoga bliss, I hope to bring more positive messages and programs to all of you. You're all Warriors in your own right and I look forward to continuing on this path with you. Namaste, ya'll!