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Warrior Up // (verb): To ditch conventional thinking and living and tap in to your inner power. To live life abundantly, heart centered and break the cycle of anxiety, depression and self sabatoge.

You are no stranger to the battle field.

You have been a warrior woman your whole life. You have been strong and courageous, always seeking new ways to go deeper into your self and your healing. But you deserve to know what it feels like to lay down the sword and exit the battle field.

It’s time to step off of the battlefield and onto the playground.

Anxiety, stress, and depression can keep you from noticing the beauty of where you are in your life. It narrows your focus until all you can see is the next survival step. But there is a path around the corner that leads to a life of meaning and joy. Even when it wasn’t easy, you overcame obstacles and kept moving forward. It would be my honor to guide you into that final space of peace and serenity.

Yours are not the only footprints on this path. As an energy healer, former social worker, and someone who spent years suffering from chronic anxiety and stress, I know how important it is to understand that we are not alone on this journey.

Emotional freedom means taking control of your body and mind and making them into allies.

I use a blended technique of Reiki, sound healing, neurolinguistic programming and therapeutic support. These techniques combine in a powerful way to unleash the knowledge that your best friend, strongest healer, and greatest lover all lie within.

Right now, you are using a lot of energy just to keep things going. As we go to the root of your stress we will release the need to hold it all in. Imagine how much energy you will have to invest in your family, your creativity, and most importantly-your self!

The most vital thing our journey together can give you is a choice. You can choose how to move through your day, how to spend your energy, and how to show up for yourself and others without anxiety or stress taking the wheel.

You will learn practical mindfulness tools that can be applied in every day situations to help stay balanced and grounded. My mission is to make sure that you are not only surviving but thriving every step of the way!

Every warrior is on a different phase of their journey and I don’t believe in a one size fits all approach. We will work together to personalize your healing and ensure you have the experience that brings you closer to your goals of holistic mind body health.