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Are you ready for a BRIGHTER you?

I think of Reiki as a deep tissue massage for our souls and energetic bodies. The more relaxed we become, the deeper we can release. While every Reiki session advances our healing, each time we return to the practice we develop a stronger resilience in the face of new energies to shift and balance. The five-session package was built to optimize your healing by allowing you to go deep into the practice and includes a Reiki Self Care Package. This package is designed to help you maintain the healing flow of energies in between sessions.

These practices and tools can easily be integrated into your daily routine to bring greater states of self awareness and balance as you move through life.

This is for the warrior that is ready to make a change, but also enjoys working independently. You're ready to dip your toe in the spiritual healing world, get tangible work to do outside of our sessions,  and release your day to day anxiety. 

What's Included?

5 - 60 Minute Reiki Sessions (Value $555)

2- 30 Minute Check in Calls for Support (Value: $150)

Copy of Chakras On Point eBook & Self Care Manual (Value $33)

Healing Care Package (Value $15) - This includes 3 small crystals, a stick of Palo Santo Wood & Personalized Affirmation Card

Total Value: $753!

All Yours for: $555 or 2 Monthly Payments of $333


Click HERE to book a Brighter You or reach out with any questions. Payment plans are available. Sessions can also be done in person or long distance.